Card Games by The School of Life


The School of Life is dedicated to helping people lead more resilient and fulfilled lives. 

The Thinker Game - This guess who game features 52 great thinkers from da Vinci to Freud, Machiavelli to Woolf. Players take on the personas of leading figures from these worlds. Your opponent tries to guess who you are by asking 'yes/no' questions. A brilliant way for players of all ages to learn interesting facts about humanity's brightest minds!

100 Questions Conversation Toolkit - Inside on beautiful cards, you'll find laid out a hundred of the very best questions around, carefully designed to get a group of people into exceptionally entertaining and meaningful conversations.

Connect - This is a pack of cards to foster connection and closeness, which can be generated on command by the right sort of conversations. Here are 100 questions to help couples to rekindle affection. 

Kindness - These cards are intended as a prompt to our better natures. They present us with a series of thoughts that nurture our sympathy, our powers of compassion, our calmness and our appetite for forgiveness.